NEW : TB MIDI Stuff v2.0 What’s New

TB MIDI Stuff is a highly intuitive full-featured modular MIDI & OSC control surface for iOS.

You can design your own pages with sliders, knobs, faders, drum pads, XY pads, ribbons or jog wheels with the built-in editor (no computer needed !), or you can use the three built-in controllers (iPad only) : a keyboard with arpeggiator and some other cool features, a pads controllers with configurable pads banks or a 16 channels mixer.

You can assign unlimited count of MIDI messages and/or OSC messages per control.

TB MIDI Stuff implements bi directional SysEx messages, with message requests mode, so you can do complex synth editors.

Value Notes messages let you transform every slider, fader, knob, ribbon and XY pad into a small keyboard with range, root key and pre defined or user defined scale.

Variables System let you do advanced dynamic pages.

TB MIDI Stuff use CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface or the native WiFi driver (rtpMIDI).

TB MIDI Stuff also provide a Missing Link™ driver, with zero configuration : our rock solid MIDI & OSC engine generate Missing Link OSC messages on the fly !

(The Missing Link™ is a trademark of Jabrudian Industries LLC)


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